Renovation and Upgrade of Hot Pot Restaurant—CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD

Introduction of CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD

In the bustling Ratchaburi Province, Thailand, there is a hot pot restaurant that is not just a dining place but also an exciting journey of culinary adventure—CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD.

The charm of CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD lies in its fresh and high-quality ingredients. Here, customers can indulge in a variety of delicious hot pot dishes with flavorful meats, refreshing vegetables, and tender seafood, each bite offering the ultimate satisfaction to the taste buds. The meticulously crafted hot pot bases are CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD’s secret weapon. Whether you prefer a mild and spicy flavor or enjoy the freshness of tomatoes, this place provides you with the option of a pot with three different tastes.

In addition to the delicious ingredients and hot pot bases, CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD has created a unique and comfortable dining environment for you. The down-to-earth style of decoration and spacious dining area allows you to not only enjoy the food to the fullest but also experience a warm and welcoming service.

Whether spending the weekend with family or having life conversations with friends, CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD is your excellent choice.


Detailed parameters of the complete set of equipment for CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand

  1. Pot Selection: Three flavors of hot pot.
  2. Pot Material: Made of 304 stainless steel.
  3. Hot Pot Tabletop: Made of marble.
  4. Induction Cooker Power: 3000w, all with custom LOGO
marble hot pot table

CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand(cooperation with besthotpottable)

  1. Cooperation time: 2023
  2. Project cooperation content: the complete sets of ins style marble hot pot tables and equipment (including induction cookers, tabletop customization) export freight, online installation guidance, and product training.
  3. Number of installations: 15 sets.
  4. Name of cooperative unit: CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD
  5. Production cycle: 21 days
  6. Product purpose: to allow Thai customers to experience the taste enjoyment brought by local flavor hot pot.

CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD’s restaurant environment display in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand

marble hot pot table
marble hot pot table
restaurant environment
marble hot pot table

Address of CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand

288/25 Ban Pak Rat Road, Ban Pong District, Ban Pong Subdistrict, Ratchaburi Province, Thailand 70110


The cases of cooperation between us and CHOP SOEY SUKI GOLD are all real cases. If you need to check the detailed parameters of the product or other styles, you can click to view it.

This hot pot restaurant is in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand. If you want to purchase an ins style marble hot pot table in Thailand, you can go to this hot pot restaurant for a hot pot experience, and then contact our company.

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