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Customized Furniture for Liu Yishou Overseas Hot Pot Restaurants (USA)

As a well-known domestic enterprise in the catering industry, Liu Yishou Hot Pot has established its presence in the highly competitive hot pot market in China. With over 500 branches nationwide, Liu Yishou Hot Pot is recognized as a leading player in Sichuan and Chongqing-style hot pot and is gradually emerging as a prominent brand in the international hot pot scene. Liu Yishou Hot Pot is listed among the top ten global hot pot brands, with over a thousand branches worldwide, spanning across countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, France, and Spain. We bring the taste of home to every corner of the world.

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In 2020, Mr. Guo, the head of Liu Yishou Hot Pot’s overseas division in the United States, found BestHotPotTable through online research. He learned that BestHotPotTable had been cooperating with Hai Di Lao, a renowned hot pot chain in China. They were in need of furniture similar to Hai Di Lao’s for their stores in the United States and were seeking collaboration with a domestic manufacturer. When our operations department received this information, we immediately reported it to the company, and the company promptly arranged for our international business representative to connect with Mr. Guo. We also assigned a team responsible for the domestic Hai Di Lao project to communicate with Mr. Guo regarding product craftsmanship and details. Prior to collaborating with Liu Yishou Hot Pot overseas, Mr. Guo emphasized whether BestHotPotTable could truly produce furniture comparable to Hai Di Lao’s. We provided Mr. Guo with installation videos and pictures from Hai Di Lao’s locations. Additionally, Liu Yishou Hot Pot organized a domestic procurement team to visit our factory in person. The domestic inspection team from Liu Yishou Hot Pot highly recognized BestHotPotTable. Our goal at BestHotPotTable is to be a Chinese furniture brand in the catering industry and promote the culture of catering furniture to the world.

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The development direction of Liu Yishou Hot Pot brand differs between domestic and international markets. In China, Liu Yishou Hot Pot is positioned as a popular and mass-market hot pot brand, while in foreign markets, Liu Yishou Hot Pot takes a high-end approach. When it initially entered the US market, Liu Yishou Hot Pot was embraced by Chinese Americans, particularly the younger generation. These young Chinese Americans are mostly from affluent backgrounds or hold senior positions in large companies. Growing up in developed America, they have high expectations for quality.

In order to cater to American consumers, Liu Yishou Hot Pot has raised its quality standards in terms of ingredients and dining environment. Firstly, the decoration materials follow a light luxury style, with simple but high-quality materials sourced from domestic suppliers, such as premium stainless steel and fire-resistant boards from Fumeijia. This upscale decor gives customers a sense of assurance even before entering the restaurant, indicating that the quality of the establishment is guaranteed.

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The stunning rose gold stainless steel doors, windows, and screen partitions, combined with transparent glass, create a spacious and visually appealing dining environment. The emphasis on high-quality main materials in the decoration is aimed at reducing consumable investments and creating a balanced and distinct design.

korean hot pot table for sale

With the development trend of society, it is essential to meet the market positioning in order to retain and attract consumers’ attention. When opening a hot pot restaurant, it is crucial to pay attention to the furniture of the restaurant as it directly affects the success of the business. Well-designed furniture in a hot pot restaurant can attract more customers. Generally, the overall ambiance and design of the furniture in a hot pot restaurant should align with the diners’ preferences. It should create a perfect dining atmosphere and environment to meet customers’ aesthetic and psychological needs.

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