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A shabu-shabu hot pot restaurant that aligns with the latest fashion trends——Mumu Hot Pot

Introduction of Mumu Hot Pot

Mumu Hot Pot is a Chinese-style shabu-shabu hot pot restaurant chain in the United States where diners can freely experience the enticing flavors of Chinese cuisine and enjoy moments of relaxation in a cozy and intimate open space, characteristic of China. All of this creates a powerful harmony that leaves an unforgettable impression in your heart.

Detailed parameters of the complete set of equipment for Mumu Hot Pot in California,United States.

1.Pot Selection: Individual small shabu-shabu hot pot for one person.

2.Pot Material: Made of 304 stainless steel.

3.Hot Pot Tabletop: Made of solid wood.

4.Induction Cooker: 800W power with custom LOGO.

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Mumu Hot Pot,California, United States(cooperation with besthotpottable)

1.Cooperation time: 2021

2.Project cooperation content: the complete set of solid wooden hot pot table and equipment(including pots, induction cooker, desktop customization,dining chairs customization)export freight, online installation guidance, product training.

3.Number of installations: 20 sets

4.Name of cooperative unit: Mumu Hot Pot

5.Production cycle: 21 days

6.Product purpose: Create an open dining environment and ambiance

Mumu Hot Pot and restaurant environment display in California,United States





Address of Mumu Hot Pot in California,United States火锅桌

The official website of Mumu Hot Pot

The cases of cooperation between us and Mumu Hot Pot are all real cases.If you need to check the detailed parameters of the product or other styles, you can click to view it.

This hot pot restaurant is in California,United States. If you want to purchase a solid wooden hot pot table in the United States, you can go to this hot pot restaurant for a hot pot experience, and then contact our company.

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