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Korean Hot Pot in Ilha Verde Macau

Korean Hot Pot in Ilha Verde Macau is a Japanese-Korean BBQ hotpot restaurant located on the Macau Peninsula. The restaurant features modern smokeless 2-in-1 BBQ and hotpot tables, equipped with a built-in purifier, eliminating the need for any exhaust pipes. Customers can enjoy the convenience of using the table immediately without any waiting. Despite the regular placement of the hotpot tables, the excellent dining experience has attracted many repeat customers, showcasing the allure of the smokeless BBQ and hotpot tables.bbq and hot pot 2in1

Region Introduction:

Macau is one of the economically developed regions in China. Apart from its remarkable economic achievements, it also serves as a microcosm of China’s diverse cultural fusion, where different cultures harmoniously intermingle. Among the local residents of Macau, there is a unique ethnic group known as the “Tou Sang Pau”  which represents a distinct cultural heritage rooted in the history and connection between Macau and Portugal.

As an international free port, a world-renowned tourist and leisure center, and one of the world’s four major gambling cities, Macau is inherently associated with high-end consumption. Consequently, the majority of hotpot restaurants in the area cater to large-scale and upscale clientele.

Macau’s hotpot offerings mainly feature seafood hotpot and Cantonese-style hotpot, showcasing the region’s abundant seafood resources and local culinary culture. On the other hand, Chongqing-style hotpot is relatively less common in Macau, possibly due to the preference for other types of hotpot in the local palate. Nevertheless, Macau’s hotpot culture exemplifies a harmonious blend of various culinary traditions, providing a diverse array of choices for both tourists and residents alike.

Supporting Equipment Parameters

Pot Type: Hot Pot and BBQ Combination

Pot Ring Material: Stainless Steel

Pot Type Material: Stainless Steel

Hot Pot Table Shape: Four-person Rectangular Table

Tabletop Material: Solid Wood

Power Supply: 220V

Purification Device Power: 150W

Induction Cooker Power: 2800W

Equipped with USB Charging Socket

Purification Device: A6 Series 6-layer purification, meets the smoke purification requirements, self-purification with downward exhaust.

Number of Installations: 24

Cooperation with Best Hot Pot Table at Korean Hot Pot in Ilha Verde Macau

  1. Cooperation Time: August 2019
  2. Project Cooperation Content: Smokeless hot pot table complete set of equipment (including pot, pot ring, induction cooker, purification device, customized tabletop), free on-site installation, product training.
  3. Number of Installations: 24
  4. Cooperative Entity Name: Korean Hot Pot in Ilha Verde Macau
  5. Production Cycle: 25 days
  6. Product Purpose: Creating a smokeless environment in the hot pot restaurant.bbqhotpothotpot

Store Address and Store Link

 6-24 Av. do Conselheiro Borja, Macao

hotpot map

2. Store link, click directly to view.

This case of Best Hot Pot Table is a genuine and authentic example. The authenticity can be distinguished by observing the switch panel in the picture, which is unique to Best Hot Pot Table’s self-purifying smokeless hot pot table. It is most suitable for small-scale hot pot restaurants, as it allows for a smokeless environment without the need for pipeline installation, while also enhancing the overall dining atmosphere.

This hot pot restaurant is located in Macau, a special administrative region of China. If you want to learn more about self-purifying smokeless hot pot tables in the local area, you can visit this restaurant to experience the equipment and enjoy the delicious food. Smokeless hot pot tables may not be widely used in the Macau area at present, but in the future, more and more hot pot restaurants are expected to adopt this technology. Interested businesses can visit our company for further investigation.


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