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Installation of Korean barbecue electric oven

Today, I’m here to introduce to you the advantages and installation steps of a Korean barbecue electric grill.

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The barbecue grill can be mainly divided into three types: electric grill, charcoal grill, and gas grill. Among them, the electric grill can be further classified into electric ceramic grill and electric heating tube grill.

electric grill

Today, we are going to introduce the electric ceramic grill.Korean barbecue electric oven

The installation of a Korean barbecue electric grill can be divided into five steps:

First step

In the first step, carefully position the outer casing of the bbq grill body into the pre-made hole on the table.

This casing is designed to catch any water and oil residue left by the food.

Second step

In the second step, take the splash ring, which is a component of the electric grill, and position it in the center of the hole in the bbq grill body. The splash ring is designed to prevent water and oil from splashing out during the grilling process, keeping the surrounding area clean.

Third step

Insert the electric ceramic grill into the hole of the oil drip tray.

the fourth step

In the fourth step, take the smoke ring and position it on the table. The smoke ring is a component of the electric ceramic grill that helps control and direct the flow of smoke generated during the grilling process.

The fifth step

In the fifth and final step, carefully position the bbq  pan onto the electric ceramic grill. The grilling plate is where you will place your food for cooking.

Ensure that the grilling plate is securely placed on top of the electric ceramic grill, aligning it with the heating element. This will allow for efficient heat transfer and even cooking.

Double-check that the grilling plate is level and properly positioned to prevent any food from sliding off or uneven cooking.

By completing this step, you will have successfully placed the grilling plate onto the electric ceramic grill, preparing it for cooking your food.

The above steps outline the installation guide for a Korean electric grill.

Korean electric grill has many advantages。

Quick Heating: Electric ceramic grills can typically heat up rapidly to the desired temperature, saving preheating time and significantly enhancing cooking efficiency.

Safety and Easy Cleaning: Commercial electric ceramic grills usually adhere to high safety standards and come equipped with safety features such as overheating protection and drip prevention, reducing the risk of accidents. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Suitable for Indoor Use: Electric ceramic grills can be used indoors without the risk of gas leaks or the emission of hazardous substances like carbon monoxide. This makes them well-suited for indoor use, providing a safer cooking environment.

Our Korean bbq electric   grill can be customized in terms of size and power. We welcome inquiries and orders from interested customers.


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