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Hot Pot Table Buying Guide: Selecting the Best Round Table to Enhance Customer Experience

Round hot pot tables have become a popular furniture choice for many hot pot restaurants. Restaurant owners consider these tables to be space-efficient yet capable of accommodating more customers, making them ideal for expanding customer traffic in hot pot venues. Therefore, selecting the appropriate round hot pot table is crucial for enhancing the customer experience and operational efficiency of the restaurant. This article will delve into how to choose the right round hot pot table, assisting restaurant owners in making informed decisions based on the size of the tables and the space requirements of their restaurants.

Understanding the Dimensions of Round Hot Pot Tables

Standard Round Hot Pot Tables and Individual Hot Pot Tables

Based on our experience, in most cases, the dimensions of both the round table and the individual large round hot pot table are suitable for the following situations.

hot pot table
hot pot table

1 Meter Round Table

Dimensions: Diameter 1000mm, Height 450mm

Configuration: Accommodates 4 chairs

Capacity: Seats 4 people

Floor Space: Approximately 1.9m x 1.9m

1.2 Meter Round Table

Dimensions: Diameter 1200mm, Height 450mm

Configuration: Accommodates 6/7 chairs

Capacity: Seats 6/7 people

Floor Space: Approximately 2.1m x 2.1m

1.5 Meter Round Table

Dimensions: Diameter 1500mm, Height 450mm

Configuration: Accommodates 8 chairs

Capacity: Seats 8 people

Floor Space: Approximately 2.4m x 2.4m

1.8 Meter Round Table

Dimensions: Diameter 1800mm, Height 450mm

Configuration: Accommodates 11/12 chairs

Capacity: Seats 11/12 people

Floor Space: Approximately 2.7m x 2.7m

2.0 Meter Round Table

Dimensions: Diameter 2000mm, Height 450mm

Configuration: Accommodates 12/13 chairs

Capacity: Seats 12/13 people

Floor Space: Approximately 2.9m x 2.9m

2.2 Meter Round Table

Dimensions: Diameter 2200mm, Height 450mm

Configuration: Accommodates 14/15 chairs

Capacity: Seats 14/15 people

Floor Space: Approximately 3.1m x 3.1m

2.4 Meter Round Table

Dimensions: Diameter 2400mm, Height 450mm

Configuration: Accommodates 15/16 chairs

Capacity: Seats 15/16 people

Floor Space: Approximately 3.3m x 3.3m

2.6 Meter Round Table

Dimensions: Diameter 2600mm, Height 450mm

Configuration: Accommodates 16/17 chairs

Capacity: Seats 16/17 people

Floor Space: Approximately 3.5m x 3.5m

2.8 Meter Round Table

Dimensions: Diameter 2800mm, Height 450mm

Configuration: Accommodates 18/19 chairs

Capacity: Seats 18/19 people

Floor Space: Approximately 3.7m x 3.7m

Round Table With Turntable

The dimensions of the round table with a turntable are the same as those mentioned above, but the size of the turntable is generally 60-70 cm smaller than the tabletop.

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The above are the different dimensions of various types of round tables currently available. Restaurant owners can make their purchasing decisions based on the dimensions of the different round tables they have learned about.

Choosing Hot Pot Round Tables Based on Restaurant Space Utilization and Layout

Evaluating Restaurant Space

Before choosing hot pot round tables, it’s essential to first conduct a detailed evaluation of the restaurant’s available space. Measure the overall dimensions of the restaurant, including length, width, and height, while also noting any fixed structures that might impact the layout, such as columns, stairs, or entrances. Accurate space data will help you better understand the available layout options.

Considering Passageways and Circulation Space

Effective space utilization must take into account the movement of customers and service staff. Ensure that all passageways are spacious, maintaining a minimum width of 75-90 centimeters to allow staff and customers to move freely and avoid congestion. This not only helps improve service efficiency but also prevents unnecessary accidents due to crowding.

For a more detailed understanding of how to properly arrange the restaurant’s space layout, consider referring to the following article.

Determining The Size of Round Tables

Based on the measured usable space in the restaurant and considering the customer capacity, you can then determine the size of the round tables. The size of the hot pot round tables will directly affect the number of customers the restaurant can accommodate. Larger round tables can accommodate more customers and are very suitable for families or group guests. Smaller round tables are better suited for groups with fewer people or small gatherings. Typically, the diameter of round tables ranges from 1.0 meters to 2.8 meters, and you can choose the appropriate size based on the target customers and common customer flow of the restaurant.

Choosing Table Types and Functions

Modern hot pot round tables are not just dining tools, but also equipment for improving efficiency. If you consider choosing round tables with a Lazy Susan, this design can make food sharing more convenient, allowing every customer to participate more easily in the dining experience, and enhancing each customer’s dining experience. If the restaurant wants to provide a clean and sanitary dining experience, you can choose a hot pot round table with individual pots for each person. The individual pot design can avoid the risk of cross-contamination during dining, allowing customers to dine with more peace of mind.

Choosing the right hot pot round table is key to enhancing customer dining experiences and restaurant operational efficiency. Through the in-depth discussion in this article, restaurant owners should be able to make wiser decisions about the best hot pot round tables based on their restaurant’s space needs and customer capacity. Remember, every choice should aim to enhance customer satisfaction while optimizing the restaurant’s spatial layout and operational processes. In practice, it is crucial to consider the size, style, material, and functional features of the round tables. For instance, round tables with a Lazy Susan increase dining convenience but also require extra space for installation and operation; individual pot hot pot tables provide a more personalized and hygienic dining experience. Additionally, ensuring a reasonable layout of passageways and circulation space can prevent congestion in the restaurant, improve service efficiency, and ensure the safety of customers and staff. Overall, selecting a hot pot round table is a decision-making process that involves multiple considerations. Through this article, it is hoped that restaurant owners can be inspired not only to maximize the use of their restaurant space but also to create a more comfortable and enjoyable dining environment. Remember, every wise choice is a step towards enhancing the overall value of the restaurant.

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