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Happy Lamb Hot Pot

Introduction of Happy Lamb Hot Pot

From the green grasslands to the rest of the world,from the capital of gourmet lamb in Inner Mongolia-Baotou to Mississauga in Toronto…Happy Lamb brings delicious happiness to every city.Stepping out from Inner Mongolia towards the world, Happy Lamb opened its first restaurant in Boston. Within three years, Happy Lamb has blossomed all over the world with more than 100 restaurants!

Detailed parameters of the complete set of equipment for Happy Lamb Hot Pot in Mississauga,Canada.

1.Pot Selection: A single-flavored or double-flavored round hot pot for one to six people or more.

2.Pot Material: Made of 304 stainless steel.

3.Hot Pot Tabletop: Made of marble.

4.Shape of table:Square and round.

5.Induction Cooker: 3000W power with custom LOGO.

hot pot

hot pot

Happy Lamb Hot Pot,Mississauga,Canada(cooperate with besthotpottable)

1.Cooperation time: 2021

2.Project cooperation content: the complete set of marble hot pot table and equipment(including pots, induction cooker, tabletop customization,dining chairs customization)export freight, online installation guidance, product training.

3.Number of installations: 32 sets

4.Name of cooperative unit: Happy Lamb Hot Pot

5.Production cycle: 21 days

6.Product purpose: Able to accommodate varying numbers of customers.

Happy Lamb Hot Pot and restaurant environment display in Mississauga,Canada

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Address of Happy Lamb Hot Pot in Mississauga,Canada

1100 Burnhamthorpe Rd W #17, Mississauga, ON L5C 4E9,Canada


Happy Lamb Hot Pot official website


The cases of cooperation between us and Happy Lamb Hot Pot are all real cases.If you need to check the detailed parameters of the product or other styles, you can click to view it.

This hot pot restaurant is in Mississauga,Canada. If you want to purchase a marble hot pot table in Canada, you can go to this hot pot restaurant for a hot pot experience, and then contact our company.

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