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Today, I would like to introduce to you our partner, Chubby Cattle. Chubby Cattle is a very distinctive hot pot restaurant. The hot pot restaurant uses a combination of smoke-free hot pot and smoke-free small hot pot, and there are various ways to eat it.This restaurant has become not only a frequent hot pot restaurant for Chinese in the United States, but also a good place for local Americans to eat hot pot, because of the unique taste, beautiful environment, authentic taste, and the smoke-free hot pot to create a smoke-free environment . It’s just perfect.

Description of Chubby Cattle

“Chubby Cattle” hot pot is based on traditional hot pot recipes, combined with Mongolian, Tibetan, and traditional Chinese medicine concepts, and follows the characteristics of “Four Qi and Five Flavors Harmonize Yin and Yang, Ups and Downs, Ups and Downs, Returning to Meridians and Health”, plus Chubby Cattle carefully cooks them for 8 hours a day Bone soup finally makes “Chubby Cattle” hot pot unique in its ability to strengthen the body while appreciating the Mongolian culture, nourishing the middle and nourishing Qi, eliminating heat in summer, resisting cold in winter, and eliminating dampness in autumn

Detailed parameters of the complete set of equipment for Chubby Cattle smokeless hot pot table in Las Vegas, USA

1.Pot Selection: Individual small hot pot for one person, or a double-flavored square hot pot (Yin Yang style) for two people.

2.Pot Ring: Stainless steel plated with copper.

3.Pot Material: Made of 304 stainless steel.

4.Hot Pot Tabletop: Made of solid elm wood.

5.Induction Cooker: 3000W power with custom LOGO.

6.Air Purification Equipment: Utilizing the A7 series 7-layer purification system to effectively purify smoke, achieving self-purification of exhaust, and meeting the environmental standards of the United States.

Chubby Cattle, Las Vegas, USA (cooperation with besthotpottable)

1. Cooperation time: 2020

2. Project cooperation content: the complete set of smokeless hot pot table equipment (including pots, pot rings, induction cooker, purification equipment, desktop customization) export freight, online installation guidance, product training.

3. Number of installations: 21

4. Name of cooperative unit: Chubby Cattle Hot Pot Restaurant

5. Production cycle: 21 days

6. Product purpose: to create a smoke-free environment for hot pot restaurants

Chubby Cattle smokeless hot pot table and store environment display in Las Vegas, USA

hot pot tablehotpot tablehotpotableChubby Cattle store address and store link in Philadelphia, Las Vegas, USA

3400 S Jones Blvd #15, Las Vegas, NV 89146, United States


The case of besthotpottable is definitely a real case. To distinguish the authenticity of the case, you can see the switch panel in the picture. This panel is unique to besthotpottab. If you see this style of switch in other websites and stores, it is a case picture of our company. The store uses self-purifying smokeless hot pot. If you need to check the detailed parameters of the product or other styles, you can click to view it.

This hot pot restaurant is in Las Vegas, USA. If you want to purchase a smoke-free hot pot table in the United States, you can go to this hot pot restaurant for a smoke-free experience, and then contact our company.

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