Case study of smoke-free hot pot table in Liu Yishou Hot Pot Restaurant in San Diego

Today, let me introduce you to one of our clients – Liu Yishou Hotpot Restaurant. This hotpot restaurant is located in San Diego, California, USA. They have purchased our company’s smokeless large and small hotpot tables, including the popular “Yuan Yang” hotpot style. This restaurant not only allows the local Chinese community to enjoy hotpot while abroad but also promotes our Chinese culinary culture, taking Chinese cuisine one step closer to the world.

Introducing Liu Yishou Hotpot Brand:

Liu Yishou Group has established multiple brands, including “Liu Yishou Hotpot,” “Liu Yishou Heart Hotpot,” “Liu Shi Yi Du Old Hotpot,” and “Liu Kou Shui Small Noodles.” The group has been honored with numerous accolades, such as being recognized as one of China’s Top 100 Catering Enterprises, Top 50 Hotpot Enterprises, China’s Famous Hotpot Brand, Top 10 Hotpot Brands in China, China’s Hotpot Endorsement Brand, China’s Top 10 Hotpot Chain Brands, Famous Hotpot of Chongqing, Renowned Trademark of Chongqing City, one of China’s Top 50 Chain Enterprises, and ranked among the top 10 China’s Top 100 Catering Enterprises in 2020.

With an annual total operating income exceeding 3.7 billion yuan, Liu Yishou Group has become a globally renowned international catering enterprise. They are involved in various aspects of the industry, encompassing catering management, culinary culture research, condiment development and production, green food material cultivation and development, incubation of new brands, international catering expansion, hotpot business school, talent education and cultivation, and a catering internet big data platform. Additionally, the group possesses three modern condiment production factories and controls dozens of wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries.

Detailed Specifications of Smokeless Hotpot Table Equipment at Liu Yishou Hotpot Restaurant in San Diego, USA:

  1. Pot Options: Dual-sided Yuan Yang Hotpot, Benz Three-Flavor Hotpot, Single Pot for Each Customer.
  2. Pot Ring: Stainless Steel, Circular Shape.
  3. Pot Material: Stainless Steel.
  4. Table Options: 4-Person Bar-style Table, 2-Person Private Booth-style Table, Tabletop made of White Quartz Stone.
  5. Induction Cooker: 3000W Power, Hanbo LOGO Induction Cooker.
  6. Purification Equipment: A6 Series 6-layer Purification System, Capable of Smoke Absorption and Self-cleaning Exhaust.

Cooperation Details between Liu Yishou Hotpot Restaurant in San Diego and Hanbo Hotpot:

  1. Cooperation Initiated in October 2016.
  2. Project Collaboration: Complete set of Smokeless Hotpot Table Equipment (including pot utensils, pot rings, induction cookers, purification equipment, customized tabletops) exported to the local market in the USA, with final installation guidance and operational training provided through online video.
  3. Number of Installations: 36.
  4. Partner’s Name: Liu Yishou Franchise Store in San Diego, USA.
  5. Production Cycle: 30 days.
  6. Purpose of the Products: Creating a smoke-free environment in the hotpot restaurant.

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