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Benefits and Instructions for Using a Smokeless ——By Best Hot Pot Table

Benefits and Instructions for Using a Smokeless  Purifier

Today we will introduce the benefits of smokeless purifiers and installation instructions.

barbecue table

Take this all-in-one smokeless barbecue hot pot table as an example

installation in three steps

First, we need to place the desktop on the purifier box

Next, connect the purifier tubing with the grill and fire boiler.

Finally, secure the side table bucket in place with screws.

This is the installation process of the integrated smokeless purifier.

One button to start our oil fume purifier.

We can observe a significant reduction in the visible emission of oil fumes.

Features of the smokeless purifier.

EASY TO CLEAN: The oil fume separator minimizes oil stains and residues on the table, easy to keep the hot pot and barbecue table clean and tidy.

Environmental protection and energy saving: The energy-saving design of the purifier can reduce the power consumption during the hot pot barbecue cooking process, minimize the emission of pollutants, and contribute to the green environment.

Choose a hot pot barbecue table with a built-in purifier to enjoy a fresh, healthy and environmentally friendly dining experience. Breathe clean air and enjoy delicious food!

working principle

The range hood sucks the fume down through the air outlet. The purifier equipment includes triple purification of activated carbon, photocatalyst purification and filter cotton. Garbage is filtered on the filter cotton, and finally purified into oil-free air. The activated carbon inside can be reused, and the filter paper needs to be replaced every two to six months.

Compared with traditional floor drains and exhaust pipes, smokeless purifiers do not require the installation of complex piping systems. This also means that their maintenance costs will be lower.


Smokeless purifiers are suitable for most restaurants, including hot pot restaurants, barbecue shops, and more.                                           

Our smokeless purifiers are customizable, and we welcome you to request samples and place your orders.


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